Overshadowed Coasters

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Overshadowed Coasters

Postby Thekingin64 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:02 pm

This for all those coasters out there which should be good in their own right but just don't live up to expectations, be it due to other better rides in the park or personally ridden recently. These rides may have fantastic stats and look amazing rides but just something causes it to not be as good as hoped. Examples for me below:

Dragon Kahn, Portaventura: Massive old B&M with 7 inversions. By all means, it should be a fantastic ride and I'd been looking forward to riding it since arriving into Portaventura. Perhaps it's because it's quite lterally overshadowed by Shambala but the ride didn't do anything for me and is surprisingly unmemorable. Certailnly looks nice and very photogenic from off ride.

Black Mamba, Phantasialand: Again a large B&M, one that most seem to rave about. I've been to Phantasialand twice and still can't remember anything about the ride experience of Black Mamba. I know I've ridden it and remember view from lift hill but nothing else, I even remember riding Night Hawk! I'm sure if that ride was in any other park, it would be fantastic.

El Toro, SFGAdv: This isn't so much overshadowing, more not living up to the hype. Rode it and thought it was good but having ridden the Coney Island Cyclone about a week prior to El Toro, it just couldn't live up to the wildness of the Cyclone and left me slightly disappointed. (ps. Cyclone really did blow me away, I didn't expect much from it but it was fantastic, certainly favourite wooden coaster)

Any thoughts?

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