B&M Wing vs Dive Coasters

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B&M Wing vs Dive Coasters

Postby Simba » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:26 pm

So last night while I was tryng to get to sleep, and struggling due to being ill (and still am ill tonight), I was wondering how many B&M Wing Coasters had been built in comparison to the B&M Diving Coasters.

I did my reshearch thanks to the holy grail of RCDB, and including coasters of both types that are currently in construction and that have been opened. The Wing Coaster model has got 15 coasters and has only been in-production since 2011 whereas the Diving Coaster has got 14 and has been in production since 1998, 8 of the 14 have been built since 2011.

Dive Coaster generally are the budget B&M coasters as they tend to have a smaller layout, whereas the Wing Coaster tends to be on the more costly side for theme parks, so I was actually kinda surprised that the Wing Coaster model has been so popular for theme parks in it’s short time of production compred to the Dive Coaster epsieclaly.

Both types are good models, although I have personally only experienced one of each types; Oblivion at AT (First Dive) and The Swarm at TP (Second Wing), I do prefer the riding experience from the Wing, but what is your opinion?
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Re: B&M Wing vs Dive Coasters

Postby Thekingin64 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:43 am

There is absolutely no way that dive coasters are the cheap option for parks. Not only do they have the larger track, the massive cars would also take up a large volume of the cost. Even the smaller versions would still be expensive, especially on maintenance.

The wing coasters aren't cheap either but offer much more variety than the dive coaster ever will now. The whole attraction of the dives was always the vertical drop. Now Virtually any manufacturer is able to and will build vertical or even beyond vertical drops for a much cheaper price, meaning the dives have lost most of their appeal. Wings aren't offered by any other manufacturer so they are still unique to B&M, hence the sales figures.

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