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Coaster Tycoons and Simulations Rules - Updated 02/2/17

Posted: Sat May 11, 2013 11:51 am
by Simba
Please follow these rules while posting in this forum, in addition to the normal rules

1. Include screenshots and/or a video when you post a topic. People can't comment if there's nothing to see. Topics with no screenshots or videos will be locked.
2. When giving feedback, post why you are saying what you are, rather the "great" or "it's bad". The parkmaker spent some time and deserves to know where he/she might want to improve.
3. Avoid being overly critical about a park. If it is bad, you have the right to tell them so, but you should not tear them apart. Remember, this is constructive criticism. Keep that in mind.
4. Only post one topic per game in this forum for each game, but keep updating the topic with your new rollercoasters from that game.*
5. Double posting is allowed in this forum if it is in your own topic within reason and after 24 hours from your last post.

This topic can and will be updated when it is necessary.

Simba - Coaster Zone Administrator

*This means you can have individual showcases topics for your creations in the different games; RCT, Planet Coaster and No Limit