Rules [Last updated: 2nd February 2017]

Please read the Forum Rules and Announcements before you start posting
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Rules [Last updated: 2nd February 2017]

Postby Simba » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:30 pm

These rules are in place to ensure that Coaster Zone remains a friendly community for all ages and are in addition to the Terms of Service members agree to upon registration. Appropriate action will be taken against any violations of these rules.

The following rules apply anywhere on the forum.

(The updated part is shown in blue)

1. General Forum Rules
1A. Strong Language and Strong Humour is permitted.
1B. No swearing directly at members.*
2. No pornography allowed on this forum.*
3. No abusive comments allowed on this forum.
4. Don't argue with any admins or moderators.*
5. You can only have one account on this forum. **
6. Make sure all posts are done in the right forums.
7. Don't clutter this forum with spam posts or spam PM'S.
8. No sexual talk.*

2. Coaster Tycoons and Simulations
1. Include screenshots and/or a video when you post a topic. People can't comment if there's nothing to see. Topics with no screenshots or videos will be locked.
2. When giving feedback, post why you are saying what you are, rather the "great" or "it's bad". The parkmaker spent some time and deserves to know where he/she might want to improve.
3. Avoid being overly critical about a park. If it is bad, you have the right to tell them so, but you should not tear them apart. Remember, this is constructive criticism. Keep that in mind.
4. Only post one topic per game in this forum for each game, but keep updating the topic with your new rollercoasters from that game.***
5. Double posting is allowed in this forum if it is in your own topics within reason and after 24 hours from your last post.

3. Forum Games Rules
1. No cheating.
2. No double post in a game. (unless the rules of the games state otherwise)
3. If you are starting a game you must include basic rules.
4. Follow the game rules on the first post in each game.
5. Points are no longer earned in the Forum Games forum.

4. Signature Rules
1. Images are allowed but they must be 500x150pixels or smaller.
2. Links to external websites are allowed.
3. Text is also allowed in signatures.

5. Promotion Rules
1. Links to external websites are only allowed to be located in the Website profile field and in Signatures.
2. No website promotion via the private messages system.****

6. Private Messages
1. No abusive or hateful messages.*
2. Sending or asking members for sexual images or pornography is prohibited.*
3. Do not ask for members addresses, or share your address with anyone on the forum, if someone asks you for it report the message and the team will take action.
4. Sharing social media accounts via private messages is allowed.*****
5. If you receive any Private Messages that breaks rules 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 you have to report them, and the Coaster Zone team will act on the report.

7. CZ Chat Rules
1. Strong Language and Strong Humour is not permitted in the chat.
2. No pornography allowed in the chat room.
3. No abusive comments allowed in the chat room.
4. Don't clutter the chat with spam.
5. No sexual talk.*

8. Coaster Zone's Four strike Policy
1st Strike: First warning.
2nd Strike: Second warning plus a 2 day ban.
3rd Strike: Third warning plus a week ban.
4th Strike: Fourth warning plus a month ban.
Then if you break another rule after the fourth warning you will be permanently banned.
The Coaster Zone Staff Team can escalate through the strike system.

All Coaster Zone staff follow strict Guidelines
* If you break these rules your account will be permanently banned without any warning.
** If you would like a new name please Private Message me your new name but note you can only change it once.
*** This means you can have individual showcases topics for your creations in the different games; RCT, Planet Coaster and No Limits.
**** If you do get a promotional Private Message please report the message in question and an Administrator or Global Moderator will take care of it.
***** The Coaster Zone team can only protect you on this forum, so adding members on social media is at your own risk!

Also if you have any questions about the rules please contact me or a Global Moderator via the Private Message system.
These rules can and will be updated as and when necessary.
So please keep checking.

Thanks for reading the rules.

Simba - Administrator
Thekingin64 - Global Moderator

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