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Olympia Looping Coaster (Travelling Coaster)

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:42 am
by Simba
Olympia Looping, also known as Munich (M√ľnchen) Looping, is a portable steel roller coaster designed by Anton Schwarzkopf and built by BHS. It is the largest portable roller coaster in the world, and the only one with five inversions. It appears at many carnivals in Germany, most notably Oktoberfest, where it made its debut in 1989. It is named for its five vertical loops, which resemble the Olympic rings. Although they are clothoid-shaped, their shape is closer to circular than the ones on most other roller coasters, so they exert unusually high g-forces on the passengers (up to 5.2 g). The entire structure weighs 900 tons and requires a space 85 m wide by 36 m deep. The coaster usually runs with five cars per train, though at events such as Oktoberfest and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, it runs with seven to increase throughput in busy periods, as well as being able to run five trains at a time.

This year I got to ride Olympia for the first time, and it has earned intself 6th place in my Top 10 Coasters. What's your opinion on this travelling coaster?

Re: Olympia Looping Coaster (Travelling Coaster)

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 8:54 pm
by Thekingin64
Fab, surprisingly intense. Easily the best travelling ride I've been on and one of the best travelling coasters worldwide. I'd even call it better than a lot of fixed coasters!

Will be riding it again this Monday!