Trip Report: Thorpe Park - 8th, 10th and 15th October 2015

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Trip Report: Thorpe Park - 8th, 10th and 15th October 2015

Postby Simba » Thu Oct 15, 2015 11:26 pm

I have been to Thorpe Park (again) three times the first was for the Fright Night Preview Day on the 8th October, the second was my personal forum's Live event which was on the 10th October and finally today the 15th October (which was an impromptu afternoon visit), over the course of the three days I did a lot more rollercoaster marathoning, with the exception of the 10th October because of the live event.

On the Fright Night Preview day, I arrived at the park at opening, and headed straight for Swarm which I managed to ride two times and then just as I was queueing for my third ride, everyone had to evacuate the area due to technical difficulities, now me and my moderator (Thekingin64) of my forum joked after I had marathoned Swarm 86 times, for me to marathon Colossus when Swarm broke down, so being an idiot, I decided to accept my moderator's challenge and headed for Colossus, now by the time it got to around my 20th ride on Colossus I noticed that Swarm had reopened, but because I was really enjoying constantly re-riding Colossus I decided to stick with it, my highest multiple continuous rides without even having to get leave the coaster was 11 times. Now I plan on desiging a 110 inversion rollercoaster ;). The end of the main day at 5pm on the final public train of the day sat at 47 rides on Colossus. Then the Fright Night Preview started, I headed back to Colossus to have my first Fright Night ride and then did the mazes; Cabin In The Woods which I personally feel was one of the weaker mazes of the night, but it was still nice that it had the multi-route layout. The next maze I did was Saw Alive, which I have to say must have been one of the best times I have ever experienced of that maze, and it did provide some good jump scares. The next maze that I did was My Bloody Valentine, which personally was my favourite maze of the night the actors were on top form. Then I rode The Swarm twice more at night, and then headed back to Colossus to have two final night rides before joining the queue for The Big Top, which being a massive fan of the "Non IP Based Mazes" I was looking forward to it, but it did kind of let the side down, but this was possibly due to the fact that it was the first time the maze had ever been operated as I heard it experience problems on the Staff and Friends/Family preview night, so I look forward to re-doing it again later on in the Fright Night season, when hopefully it will be on a better form.
Ride Count:
Colossus: 50
Swarm: 4
Cabin In The Woods: 1
Saw Alive: 1
My Bloody Valentine: 1
The Big Top: 1
My Bloody Valentine prior to opening on Preview Day.

Two days later, I was back on the park with my forum's live event. Now, this being a full-on Fright Night day meant that the park was much busier than the preview night. The first ride we did as a group once we had got in was Saw The Ride, which was relatively quiet for the first ride of the day. We then rode Colossus twice and then moved onto first ride of Nemesis Inferno. Afterwards, We headed for our first maze of the night which was The Big Top which was slightly better on the second time through but this time I felt that the open walk between the first tent and the second tent should have probably been designed enclosed so that you don't lose the atmosphere of the first part of the maze. I did still quite like the fact it did utilise both sides of Neptune's' Beach. Then, we headed to My Bloody Valentine which was still as fantastic as it was on the preview night and still definitely by far my favourite maze for this Fright Night season. Then, as a group we rode Stealth at night as well as Flying Fish and The Swarm. We had a final night ride on Nemesis Inferno which still felt more forceful at night. Then the park closed, and I did a Face It Alone experience on Bloody which was even made the maze even more impressive, and the actors were amazing on this experience.
Ride Count:
Saw The Ride: 1
Colossus: 2
Nemesis Inferno: 2
The Big Top: 1
My Bloody Valentine: 2 (1x1Face It Alone)
Stealth: 1
Flying Fish: 1
Swarm: 1

Today I was back on the park for the afternoon. In the roughly four hours which I was on the park I just rode The Swarm and Colossus multiple times. Again, I decided to ride Colossus more times than Swarm. There were two majour highlights of going to TP today, the first was that I got to have a completely private train on Colossus which was an amazing experience and the second is that I now start a job at Thorpe Park on Saturday! :D.

Ride Count:
The Swarm: 9
Colossus: 18
Me on the private train :)

As it currently stands here are my Swarm Statistics:
Total: 428 Times
2015: 232 Times

Yes I do wear my Swarm fleece almost every time I go to Thorpe :)
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