Thorpe Park - 04/04/13

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Thorpe Park - 04/04/13

Postby Simba » Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:23 pm

Yesterday I went to Thorpe Park for the second time this season with my good friend Doomega, we arrived at 10:30 and headed straight to The Swarm for our first ride of the day and also one of our only rides without snow! Then we headed to X, for our first ride of the newly reprogrammed coaster. The light show was brilliant, and the actual queue line inside the pyramid is so much lighter with it's new light. The trains are also brilliant despite, having the iconic "THORPE PARK" name written on every row in orange. It is also allot smother now traveling forwards, which is quite good. Also one other disappointing thing was that the X:/ No Way Out theming was still inside the coaster, and does look very out of place. After we did X the snow started to fall, so we headed for Nemesis Inferno at 11:50, and decided to go on the front row, so we waited for 1 hour and 10 minuets before we were on it, and it was incredible in the snow, last time we went we only did it once, and the snow hadn't started falling. After lunch we re-rode X and then headed to The Swarm via a quick spin on the Flying Fish at back row, once we had done The Swarm we went back to X again, and decided to do Nemesis Inferno again but at the back row, after a another blast with Inferno we went back to X for another re-ride, then again we headed to Flying Fish for another re-ride this time at the front row, then re-rode Swarmie, and headed to one more re-ride on X, then Nemesis Inferno then X and did The Swarm 7 more times and 3 at the front, as the park became quite quiet at around 15:00, we left the park at 17:30.

Again we weren't able to do Colossus because it was shut due to the extreme cold weather conditions.

So to summarise the trip we did Swarmie ten times, X five times, Nemesis Inferno three times, and Flying Fish two times.

Photos to be uploaded soon
As the weather conditions were extremely similar to the last time me and Doomega went to Thorpe, I will only be uploading my pictures of X. If you would like to see my photos from my last trip they can be found here.

These unwatermarked pictures are exclusive to, if you would like to share them watermarked versions of these pictures can be found here
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Re: Thorpe Park - 04/04/13

Postby Kumali » Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:36 pm

Sounds good. At least X going forwards solves the confusion of which row is the back row.

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